Traitors in the Shadows

Traitors in the Shadows

Number Six in the Empire of the Moghul series launches in India next week. I love the cover design – midnight blue and purple with huge blazing cannon showing how far the Moghuls have come since Babur floated down the Kabul River to invade HIndustan with his much more primitive artillery a century and a half earlier …

6th Book


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20 thoughts on “Traitors in the Shadows”

  1. Dr. Samar Gupte says:

    Dear sir/ madam.
    First of all, I must congratulate you on authoring this fantastic series on the Mughal dynasty.
    I would like to know the release date of the book in Mumbai, India.
    Is there an official launch or a book signing?

    1. diana says:

      Dear Dr. Gupte,

      Your appreciation of the series is very much appreciated and my apologies for taking so long to reply but I have been away.

      The next book in the series ‘Traitors in the Shadows’ about Aurangzeb and of course Shivaji is due for release in India this very week. I really hope you like it. I hope to visit India later this year but am not yet sure whether I will be in Mumbai.

      with very best wishes

  2. Harnek singh says:

    Eagerly waiting to read the new book already ordered on Amazon, Alex sir your series is written in such a wonderful style it feels like I am watching a action packed movie.

    We read about Moghul’s in our secondary schools syllabus but never thought history can become such a entertaining and enjoyable experience. Really enjoyed your previous books warm wishes and thanks for presenting medieval Indian history in a new avatar.

    1. diana says:

      Hi Harnek,

      I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear how the books have captured your attention and imagination and are helping you to enjoy history.

      best regards

  3. Prateek bhatnagar says:

    Dear Diana ,

    I have just finished with the 6 books of the series . As much as I am filled with curiosity of whether there will be a 7th book as well , I am also filled with sorrow of the series ending . Do let us know if more books are coming to the series .
    Your work in the books has been incredible and enabled each one out there to live the times and glory of the Mughal dynasty . Even me who is Not much of history person dived into this series like a boy listening to a soothing lullaby. I story narration was captivating . I can’t possibly imagine the extent of research required in such novels which are so close to real events .
    I await the 7th part if there is ? Though I know the fall started post Aurangzeb , and there is nothing much to bahadur shah zafars reign . But none the less , amazing work . Hoping to read more of your work in future .

    1. diana says:

      Dear Prateek,

      I am so delighted that you have enjoyed the series and that it brought the history alive for you. Im still considering ‘what next’ but as soon as I know I will post something on the website, I promise.
      very best wishes

  4. Saurabh says:

    Just finished Traitors in one sitting. Amazingly well researched and written. Though I wish you had detailed the Sikh Gurus a bit more. It would have been interesting to compare popular myth with your usual meticulous research.
    Thank you.
    Question – Will there be a book 7 covering the last 150 years of Mogul rule ? Or was this the last book ?

    1. diana says:

      Hi and thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I’d indeed have liked to focus more on the Sikh Gurus – the problem is always lack of space … On a seventh book, not sure yet but watch this space!

      very best wishes

  5. Tanmay Paranjape says:

    I cannot gather words to praise you both….though I’m still at Brothers At War…just by being informed about Traitors in the Shadows I’d goosebumps…you’ve made me friends of all your characters…who appear before me as human beings of flesh and blood but achieve glory which keeps millions mesmerized for centuries to come…

    1. diana says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation which means a lot.


  6. Smprakash says:

    Great work , meticulous effort …please come up with a part 7. The fall of the Mughals, Rise of Marathas, Company rule ensuring , Nadir Shah invasion …..Only you can merge these in a flesh and blood genre . With best wishes

    1. diana says:

      Hi and firstly so many apologies for not replying before. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed your series and your encouragement to continue it is really appreciated. I’m just thinking about that and when anything’s decided I will post something on the website. In the meantime, thank you so much for getting in touch and letting me know you’ve enjoyed the books.
      all best

  7. nadeem qureshi says:

    I am a big fan. I can only imagine the amount of research and work you had put compiling these series and I can only appreciate and praise your efforts and thank you. I have yet to read the “traitors” but having read (and re-read) all the prior series, I am sure it is going to be a wonderful experience. I have read many history books including text, but had never felt more close to the Mughal era than after reading these incredible series.
    Bless you…..

    1. diana says:

      Dear Nadeem,

      I’m so sorry not to have replied before to your very kind and much appreciated message but I’ve been away travelling and researching.

      I very much hope you enjoy ‘Traitors’ when you read it.

      All best

  8. Srinath Nanduri says:

    Wow ! What a gripping series …. I am forever in your debt by taking me on this journey !!! Can’t wait for your forthcoming books on the Moghuls ( I am being an optimist and hoping and praying you won’t stop here 😉 )… Please continue on this journey and maybe start a series on the Roman Empire after this ? Or maybe she’d some light on Timur ? Wherever your journey , I will surely follow …

    1. diana says:

      Dear Srinath,

      I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been travelling in remote places and am only just catching up with things! Your encouragement is much appreciated, especially as I’m just thinking about ‘what next?’.

      with very best wishes

  9. Faiyaz Ahmed says:

    Just finished reading the sixth book in this grand series on the Mughals. The story line, the language, the manner in which a convoluted and complex history of half a century is woven together is amazing and wonderful. I do hope there is a seventh book and an eighth book..,, You make history come alive – vivid and so full of that passion that only a true lover of history can muster. Hats off and congratulations.

    1. diana says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the series. I’m just thinking about what to do next and when something’s decided will post news on the website.

      in the meantime thank you again,

      with very best wishes

  10. Manpreet says:

    Dear Diana
    This entire series has been very gripping and entertaining. I had liked the first book and has been awaiting for the next book eagerly as soon as I finished the previous one.
    All the books have been very educative and entertaining.
    Thanks a lot for making history so interesting.
    Now eagerly awaiting the seventh book in the series.
    Once again thanks a lot and congratulations for writing such a wonderful series.

  11. Sam says:

    Things start going even crazy after aurangzeb. Its like the empire starts to run on fire, raids, coups, emperors being insulted, nadir shah, ahmed shah, rape of royal women.

    I really wish three books on the last 150 years. Starting with the last book today. Also please tell me what are your plans if this is really the last book.

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