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Title of Book Six in the Moghul Series?

Many people have been asking me what the next book in the series will be called. I can now tell you that the title will be ‘Traitors in the Shadows’, out next spring.

with very best wishes to all my readers and thanks for all your comments and support


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8 thoughts on “Title of Book Six in the Moghul Series?”

  1. Shyamala says:

    I have all the books written in the Mughal series so far…wonderful books & I have enjoyed them tremendously.eagerly awaiting the next book..would like to know,the date of its release.

    1. diana says:

      Hi and thanks for your kind comments. Number 6 – ‘Traitors in the Shadows’- will be out in April.

      all best

  2. sirisha dasari says:

    great to hear about the book 6 – been waiting eagerly and patiently 🙂 i have checked and only the kindle edition is available for pre-book in Inida. please launch the book asap in India as well. we have waited long!

    i am just back from a tour to all Rajasthan forts where Moghul conquered them and have beautiful paintings of some of the war scenes which reminded some paragraphs in your books. i now dream of your books on Rajput history as well!

    thank you so much!

    1. diana says:

      Hi Sirisha,

      Like you, I love Rajasthan and I hope to get back there this autumn.

      Traitors in the Shadows should be in the book stores in May.

  3. Advait says:

    Like all my friends here, even I am eagerly waiting for the book 6. Thanks for your reply.Will kindle version be there too?

    1. diana says:


      Book 6 launches in the UK on 9 April and in India on 14 May and will indeed be in a Kindle format too.

      really hope you like it!

  4. Archisman Saha says:

    I want to know from where do you collect information about this dynasty? And, do those six books tell the true story about the emperors of Mughal dynasty? Can I rely on these fiction works?

    1. diana says:

      Hi.The books are based on original sources like the court chronicles of the emperors’ reigns. Notes at the back of each book explain what is true and what has been invented for the purposes of writing historical fiction but all the main characters and events are based on fact so far as it can be discerned at this distance in time.

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