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    Being an Indian, we all know about the moghul History since Babur to Bahadur Shah. What new we can get from your book which is absolutely unknown to us???

    1. diana says:

      hello. Your question is really hard to answer as to be honest I don’t know what you know … What I hope I bring to the books is my interpretation of people’s personalities, their motivations etc Why did they do what they did, thought as they did, act as they did? Any historical writer has to be a bit of a psychologist. It’s also our job to interpret the silences in the sources.

      cheers Alex

  2. Shyamala Nambiar says:

    I really enjoyed reading the whole ‘Empire of the Moghul ‘series,esp,The Serpent’s Tooth .Of the lot the only one which slightly disappointed me was ‘Ruler of the World’.Will you be writing a 6th book in this series,ie, about Aurangzeb?Please do.Really looking forward to that.

    1. diana says:

      Hi. Thank you for writing in. I’m really pleased you enjoyed the series and really hope you like number six when it comes along. (Just working on it now …)

      with very best wishes

  3. Mahesh Andar says:

    Hi. I have just finished reading the last of the volumes in the Empire of the Moghul series : The Serpent’s Tooth. I have been enthralled and thrilled with all the 5 volumes of the series!! It’s been a great journey through Mughal history in fictionalised form and I have found all the books unputdownable!! Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series!! Great writing!!

    1. diana says:

      Dear Mahesh,

      I’m so delighted you like the series. Currently hard at work on number six and finding the research fascinating – lots of fresh insights … The book should be out next year.

      very best wishes and thanks again for your interest.

  4. senraj says:

    hi alex when we can expect your next book on Aurangzeb, 2015 year release is too much for us, pl do release your sixth book before that. what is your next project after Moghuls.

    1. diana says:

      Hi and thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the series. The next book will be out in spring 2015 (still working on it and finding it fascinating!) But after that not sure … perhaps Ashoka?

      very best wishes

  5. senraj says:

    hi alex, next book on Ashoka is a great news. Only on Ashoka may be a single book but if its is about mauria we may get a serial of books from you like Moghul

  6. Ashok Nanjaraj says:

    The most important reign ” Aurangzeb ” is very vital to know . He is least understood, but only known as a despot. But he is also a pious Muslim. So, did he repeat his wrong doings against his brothers and Father ? Did he have any regard to Hindu cultures ? Was he an intelligent administrator. We know he is a good warrior. His relations with Shivaji from South. Lots of interesting things for your next book and really cant wait 🙂

    When is the next book being planned to be released ?

    1. diana says:

      Hi Ashok,
      Apologies for taking so long to reply – I’ve been travelling.

      You are absolutely right. Aurangzeb is indeed a complex character and I’m trying to bring out all the facets in the next book which will be out next spring.

      Thanks for your comments and your interest!

  7. senraj says:

    hi mr.alex, I have completed all your mogul series and eagerly waiting for the next one. my suggestion is it would be better if you add pictures of important places of mogul period in your books like place where mumtaz died, Babur birth place, etc. these place are very rare and difficult for us to see, fortunately you have covered all these places

    1. diana says:

      Hi Senraj and many thanks for your excellent suggestion. It’s probably not possible for the publishers to include pics in the text but I’ll try and put more images on the website, especially after my next visit to India when I hope to re-visit Burhanpur among other places.
      with very best wishes

      1. senraj says:

        it would be great idea to see in web, eagerly waiting for it

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